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Trigger Software showcased ChatGPT-based banking at Fintech and Innovation Forum in Luxembourg

4 December 2023, Luxembourg. The 4th Fintech and Innovation Forum (FIF), organized by the Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL) in collaboration with HSBC took place in Luxembourg today. Trigger Software had an opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions and services to other industry actors.

The 4th FIF event focused on the subject of Payments and APIs.

Trigger created a product called Trigger Neobank Engine (TNBE). TNBE helps banks and fintech companies launch their own neobank in 6 months and at a fixed price.

TNBE includes 300+ pixel-perfect screens and 150+ ready-made banking business processes, like KYC, onboarding, payments, remittances, loans, deposits, cards, cashback, referral bonuses, and others.

During the event Founder & CEO of Trigger Software Max Bondar showed the demo of how TNBE can be integrated with ChatGPT to work with accounts and manage payments.

ChatGPT opens a whole new world of possibilities for the digital banking space. Instead of filling in endless amounts of fields, customers can just give instructions to AI in chat that we seamlessly integrated into the mobile app.


A simple request can show balances for cards and accounts, transactions history, initiate payments. ChatGPT understands the context of requests and it's enough to say "send 10 Euro to John" to send the money transfer. ChatGPT will recognize the currency (Euro), the intent (to send money), the amount (10), the most relevant account (Euro account) and also will understand who is John from the context of previous interactions.

ChatGPT is also able to offer personalized loans and deposits based on the details of the customer's profile and his past financial behavior.

TNBE allows to flexibly build any API integrations, manage payments and embed the power of ChatGPT into the digital banking experience.


Nowadays 119 banks operate in Luxembourg and 26,000 people work in the banking sector in Luxembourg. The ABBL is the largest and oldest professional association in the financial sector of Luxembourg, representing the majority of financial institutions as well as regulated financial intermediaries, law firms, consultancies, auditors, market infrastructures, e-money and payment institutions.

HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations. This financial institution has been in Luxembourg since 1977 and currently HSBC Continental Europe offers a wide range of banking and financial services including Private Banking, Corporate Banking, Securities Services and Asset Management.

We are proud to be a part of the ABBL’s FinTech Community and work hand in hand with legendary financial institutions to build the future of banking.

Max Bondar, Founder and CEO of Trigger Software.

The ABBL strives to put in contact innovative solution providers and established financial institutions to facilitate bank-FinTech cooperation and innovation in the Luxembourg financial sector, and we believe that Trigger Software will find its affiliation with ABBL FinTech Circle useful for its development in Luxembourg and beyond.

Andriy Martovy, Adviser – Innovation & Digital at ABBL.

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