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OMT Pay launches a new wallet app designed by Trigger Software

OMT Pay: the Ultimate Mobile Wallet

13 November 2023, Dubai. In May 2023, Trigger Software (Dubai) started working on the project of a new digital wallet design for OMT, a recognized financial services leader in Lebanon. Today we are proud to present what we developed for our outstanding fintech client.

Relying on 10+ years of experience in the fintech space, Trigger Software designed 349 screens for the OMT Pay digital mobile wallet that encompass the best UI\UX patterns adopted in the industry.

We're thrilled to unveil the all-new OMT Pay, your all-in-one solution for seamless financial transactions. This isn't just an update; it's a major enhancement that will change the way you manage your finances

Dr. Rudy Keyrouz, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager.

12 Key OMT Pay Features

1. Quick and Easy Setup. Create your wallet in minutes with a light KYC process. It's fast and hassle-free.

2. Rapid Compliance. Get cleared within 24 hours, and your wallet is ready for action.

3. Multiple Funding Options. Add funds to your wallet through 7 different methods, in both LBP and USD.

4. Send Money Anywhere. Send and receive money locally for free or make international transfers through Western Union.

5. Effortless Payments. Pay at any store with a simple QR code scan.

6. OMT Visa Card. Apply for your OMT Visa Card with just a few clicks and collect it at your nearest OMT Shop. You can also make any payment or transfer using the balance of your OMT Visa Card.

7. Private and Public Sector Payments. Settle your payments with a few simple clicks.

8. Recharge with Ease. Access over 1,000 recharge and top up cards, including local telecom, internet, gaming, shopping, streaming and online cards.

9. Instant Transfers. Send money to your OMT wallet contacts with a single click, free of charge.

10. Rewarding Transactions. Earn points with every transaction and redeem them in your wallet or for vouchers at various locations.

11. Spending Insights. Keep track of your spending by category, giving you full control over your finances.

12. Balances at a Glance. Easily check the balance and statements for both your wallet and OMT Visa Card.

OMT digital wallet app is now available on the App Store and Google Play market.

We are grateful to OMT for the trust that they put in Trigger Software. MENA region remains one the most vibrant places for banking and fintech innovations on the planet. At Trigger we developed a lot of state-of-the-art technologies that can fuel the future growth of banks and fintech companies in the region.

Max Bondar, Trigger Software Founder & CEO.

At OMT we are glad to be working with the Trigger Software team. They made our dream a Mona Lisa.

Elias Chedid, OMT Digital Services Manager.

About Trigger Software Trigger Software is a Dubai-based technology company founded in 2021. Trigger Software provides professional software development services covering such areas as payment gateways, neobanks, integration hubs, communication engines, CRM automation, automated billing solutions. The company has a team of 40 seasoned professionals, and already delivered 24 projects for 14 happy clients. Trigger Software focuses on banking, fintech and retail. Trigger Software is a member of the Luxembourg’s Banker’s Association (ABBL), Ukrainian Business Council in Dubai (UBC), Forbes Technology Council (Forbes), and a proud Visa Fintech Partner.

Trigger Software develops its own proprietary technology Trigger Neobank Engine (TNBE). TNBE helps banks and fintech companies launch their own neobank in 6 months and at a fixed price.

TNBE includes 300+ pixel-perfect visual layouts and 150+ ready-made business processes, like KYC, onboarding, payments, remittances, loans, deposits, cards, cashback, referral bonuses, and others.

Case studies about Trigger projects can be found here.

About OMT Online Money Transfer (OMT) s.a.l. is a leading provider of money transfer, payments and governmental services in Lebanon. Established in 1998 in the heart of Beirut, OMT started as a Western Union accredited agent in Lebanon. Throughout the years, OMT built successful partnerships with the Public and Private sectors, growing the portfolio to more than 150 premium quality services.

Today, OMT facilitates everyday payments and financial transactions through the largest Agents' Network in Lebanon; more than 1,400 locations in Lebanon operate during extended working hours.

For more info, please visit OMT website on

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